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Title:Burn Fat the Easy Way
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Description:These foods do nothing for you but help hide and repress feelings that need to be released. So instead of indulging in them or holding on, start giving your body what it wants. Start your day with a green smoothie to help nourish your body and put you in the right mindset. A simple green smoothie would be to blend 2 handfuls of spinach with 4-5 bananas and some water. You will be amazed how level you will feel all morning on this smoothie! On top of this it is great to start incorporating fruit at the beginning of every meal. Fruit is your friend! https://consumerscomment.com/just-keto-diet-review/
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Meta Description:I also started my day with a big green smoothie. 4-5 Bananas blended with some spinach and water. This really helped me with my energy and set me off to a good start.