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Title:How to Be Successful at Work in 5 Simple Steps
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Description:Think of them as means to an end. When you have a short term goal aiming towards the long term goal, you see that you're moving forward everyday. Short term goals eventually culminate to your long term goal because they are measurable. You can monitor the progress. What gets measured gets done. I remember my father had a budget goal and every night before he laid his head on the pillow, he would account for his daily expenses. He monitored it religiously. Goal setting also creates a discipline in you. https://letsfireurbossnow.com/wealth-activation-blueprint-review/
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Meta Description:Have you made the very best of your life? In those upcoming 6 months, what would be the things that you would choose to do - a sort of bucket list, and what would be the things that would be most important to you?